Welcome to Beyond Your Bag. This blog was created to allow photographers to share their knowledge and experiences with each other. Consider it a magazine, or blog-zine, created by you, our readers.

All of us have read the various photography magazines (Popular Photography, Amateur Photographer, Digital Photography and so on) and thought that we have something to contribute. But ultimately we didn’t make that contribution, for a variety of reasons. Beyond Your Bag is a place that anyone has the ability to contribute.

Many of us have also tried starting our own blogs, only to discover that it’s not only time consuming but it doesn’t reach a large audience. By coming together, we can reduce the work load of each person and increase the reach to a shared audience.

If you know a technique, have information that leads to a better shot, or a know of a useful tip, we want to hear from you. Photography touches every part of our lives and, as such, there are a million different subjects that can be covered.

I think we can start something really great here but we need your help to make it happen. If you want to contribute an article please drop us a line.

About Dov Plawsky

I am an aspiring freelance photographer and writer. I've always enjoyed the story around the picture and now want to expand upon that. I founded Beyond Your Bag to help share knowledge across like minded people and to hopefully connect those people to one another.