BMW at Night

The title is a little play on the names of these NYC bridges. They are the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges starting with the southernmost one.

Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges in New York City.

Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges in New York City.

This is a picture from a while back. I remember it started off as a nice evening. I had watched the sun set over Jersey city from Battery Park then walked over to South Street Seaport to check out the bridges. Just after the sun went down, the wind started to pick up and that nice evening was quickly turning into a chilly night.

Knowing that I was going to need to take slightly long exposures, I set up on my tripod. But even so, the wind had picked up to a point that I thought it would push my camera around. Luckily I was able to block most of it with my body and reduce the impact.

I started off on top of a new (at the time) Pier 15 Esplanade. It’s a cool place where there are some seats and a good viewing angle a bit above the East River. I was able to get shots of all three bridges but the shopping mall that is the South Street Seaport was front and center, so I moved over to the north side of the Seaport so I would have an unobstructed view of the bridges.

I didn’t use any special equipment here. It was my Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-200mm lens, tripod and remote (maybe this one is slightly fancy). In post, I noticed everything had a reddish tint so I adjusted the color balance to the cooler side, which since I was shooting RAW made for an easy change. I also sharpened a little, desaturated the colors slightly and lightened it up.


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