Place du Capitole in Toulouse

Place du Capitole Toulouse

I took this shot about a year ago. I love these big town squares in Europe, they’re so beautiful. This is from when I spent a long weekend in Toulouse, which is in the South of France. Toulouse is a pretty cool little city. The old portion is made up of tons of little criss-crossed streets going in every direction. Although quite charming, I’m glad we have city planning nowadays. It’s called “ville rose” or “Pink city” because of all of the clay brick used in the buildings.

It’s a very beautiful city and at the center is the Place du Capitol. The big building on the left is the city hall (I believe). During the day, there is usually a little market there (farmers market and typical street fair products). At night, it’s lit up and even more beautiful.

I set up for this shot in one of the corners of the square. Although, I could’ve used a shorter shutter speed, I opted to go for a longer one as there were still people walking around and I wanted to eliminate them from the image as much as possible. This is made up of 6 images stitched together in photoshop.

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