Magic Panoramas

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to write about a really cool feature of panorama shots on cell phones. The only thing stopping me was my procrastinating to ask someone to pose for me. Well, I finally got off my butt and asked someone. And the results are pretty cool.

So what is this feature? It is the ability to create clones!! That’s right. You heard me. Clones! Ok, maybe the whole cloning thing isn’t such big news these days but because of the way that panoramas work, you can do it all on your phone with just one shot. Now you have to be interested in that.


In this photo, I asked my wife’s cousin to pose for me. She even hammed it up a bit. I panned the phone/camera very slowly across the scene and had her move when I felt she was far enough out of frame. When she moved to the next seat I stopped panning the camera so I didn’t accidentally get anything I didn’t want. This also let me make sure that she wasn’t inadvertently caught moving between chairs. It took a bit of trail and error but it was well worth the effort.

So why does this work? Panoramas are actually many side-by-side pictures stitched together to form one larger image. There needs to be some overlap within those pictures so that they can match up seamlessly. The more overlap the better the panorama. Because of this, once you have finished taking a specific area, anything happening there will no longer be recorded.


So if there happens to be a person in that area, all they have to do is move to a part that you haven’t taken yet so that they will be in the newly captured area. Then it’s just a matter of repeating until you run out of space in your pano.

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