CamRanger Review – Liveview

With this part, I want to touch on how I use the Liveview function with the app. Ultimately, it has the same functionality as using it directly on your camera but because it’s on your device it’s so much easier to use. Why is this? Because of 3 key factors.

First, you can sit, or stand, somewhere you find more comfortable than hunched over your camera trying to get a good angle to see the screen. Specifically with macro shots, you often have the camera set at a low angle which makes it difficult to look through the viewfinder or even at the screen. With the CamRanger, you could bring a chair to sit in or stand in the shade under a tree, all while you go about waiting for the right opportunity to capture your shot.

Second, you can zoom in to achieve a 100% zoom on your device by double tapping the screen in the area you want enlarged. This ability to focus in on such a minute level, paired with the larger screen of a tablet, is what will make this piece of equipment really shine. The larger screen provides a larger, clearer and brighter image with which to determine proper focus.

Third, you reduce vibrations by not having physical contact with the camera. Reducing vibrations doesn’t automatically lead to sharp images by their presence will certainly introduce softness into the image. Also, by not having to touch the camera I don’t inadvertently move the camera or tripod and ruin my composition. If your camera has a Mirror-up mode, you can utilize that to reduce vibrations even further.

While Liveview may be available on your camera, the ability to do this on a mobile device makes you much more likely to use it. The end result is that I am now taking more usable shots while taking less. Since our cameras have a limited shutter count, this may become important later in the life of the camera.

Stay tuned for part 3 where I will talk about Focusing with the app, DOF preview and HDR/Focus Stacking.

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