CamRanger Review – Night Shots

In this fifth installment of my CamRanger review, I’ll be discussing its use for night photography.

The setup for this is the same as for everything else, tripod, iPad and camera. After my experience with this device for other types of shots, I had high hopes going into this. I was really looking forward to being able to use the large screen to be able to get a good view to achieve sharp focus since that is one of the big problems I usually have with night shots. This is because there just isn’t enough contrast (light) for the autofocus to work properly. I’m not sure why I thought this would change just because I had a larger screen but I did. And, I was wrong.

As it so happens, the viewfinder was much more useful for focusing than the Liveview. After all, the Liveview is the same in the app as it is on the camera, just larger. So all I saw was a larger version of a dark screen. If there is enough light, you’ll be able to use the focus function but that doesn’t happen that often at night. It’s okay though, you can’t get everything you want plus it was only a hope not a necessity.

Where this did help was very similar to the reasons I gave for macro, in that I didn’t have to touch the camera once it was setup to make adjustments to the settings. Since I was using long exposures (15, 20 or 30 seconds) any little vibrations or movements would cause the image to be blurry or soft.

Again, as with my previous tests, the ability to review the images after you take them was so valuable to help you know what changes you need to make. You can certainly do this on the camera’s LCD but that means running back and forth between the small screen on the camera and the spot your standing, observing your subject. I was shooting car light trails and I needed to keep an eye on traffic flow to get the desired shot.

Rooftop Intersection

The CamRanger will by no means revolutionize night photography but it does make it a bit easier. Definitely a common theme across all my tests. Next time I will test out how it is to capture live subjects with the CamRanger.

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