Columbine Flower

I took this picture in Battery Park City. I take a lot of my flower shots there mostly because I live there and also because they plant such a wide variety of flowers around the parks. But this trip wasn’t really about capturing specific flowers, it was about testing out a new piece of kit that was being loaned to me. It was the CamRanger. For those not familiar with the CamRanger, it’s essentially a tethering device that lets you use your phone or tablet to control your camera and view your photos.

It’s actually pretty cool. It creates it’s own wi-fi network that you connect to and the rest is fairly straight forward. Since it’s a piece of equipment that is meant to be used with a stationary camera (read tripod) I opted to try out shooting some flowers.

This flower, called a Columbine, was growing in one of the large flower boxes near Rockefeller Park and it just screamed out to be photographed. I’m not entirely sure which type of Columbine this is but I think it could be an Origami Rose and White, Rose Queen or Spring Magic Rose and Ivory. I’m thinking it’s one of the first two as the corolla is white not ivory.

The original was a bit flat, so I increased the blacks and darkened the background to tone down the bright whites that were competing for attention. This came out much better than I had initially hoped for. The sharpness of the stamens is what really creates the impact for me. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have been able to get this shot without the CamRanger but I do know that because of it, I took less shots to get it.

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I am an aspiring freelance photographer and writer. I've always enjoyed the story around the picture and now want to expand upon that. I founded Beyond Your Bag to help share knowledge across like minded people and to hopefully connect those people to one another.

6 thoughts on “Columbine Flower

  1. Hi Dov: Love your postings. I know very little about photography but I love looking at pictures and yours are simply beautiful. Your postings are full of information that I will most certainly put to good use, though I am not too sure if the results will be as stunning as yours. Look forward to many more great posts. Cheers Sudha.

    • Thanks so much Sudha! I’m glad to hear you find the information useful. I’m sure you know more than you think though. You have taken a lot of great pictures and you know so much about what you’re shooting too. Keep up the good work!

  2. I wanted to thank you for following my blog and liking my post on “A Galaxy Far Far Away” I love your website and subscribed through your RSS feed. I was surprised that you do not have “Likes” on your posts enabled.

    • Of course, I love the oil and water shots. As for the “Likes” I actually didn’t even know. I recently switched over to self hosting and it just happened. I’ll have to see if I can add that. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Dov, I may need to pick your brain at some point in time, on how hard it was switching over to self hosted, I noticed earlier this morning when I was looking for what theme you were using, that your blog was a instead of I have thought of doing this as well, however in addition I have two websites in the making (they will be one on Photography and the other on Basketry. I also looked for an email for you and could not locate one instead of filling up a comment. My email is if you would not mind me asking a couple of questions on your transfer from to WPorg.

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