Taj Mahal secret stairs

This was one more of those things that we wouldn’t have seen if we didn’t have our guide, Saeed. As we were getting ready to leave the Taj Mahal, he took us over to this little side area. It was within sight of the exit and left to our own devices we would have made a b-line right to the gate.

Not so fast, says our guide. I have one more thing to show you. He brings us to this little hallway and there is just this cool little string of doorways, perfectly lined up. The light was streaming in perfectly to cast shadows across the floor, creating an optical illusion that there are a set of stairs leading down into the last doorway. I had to snap it fast as there was another couple slowly wandering these halls who were not remotely interested in my photo op. I was at least able to fire one off which is what you see here.

I really like the play of red and white in the walls and how the light is streaming in from the side.

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