Give Me Some Sugar

This shot is from my early days with my macro lens. I thinks it’s because of shots like this that I really love macro. The detail that is invisible to the naked eye but captured by the camera is actually almost addictive. You want to keep taking more of these types of shots to see what else you are missing out on.

So one day I went to Whole Foods to get some lunch. It was a beautiful day out and I didn’t feel like eating indoors so I decided to go out to the park to have a nice little picnic. When I got there, I knew of a small, shaded area with a lot of trees and tables where I could eat my food. As I was sitting there some flies were, well, flying around when one of them (I think it’s a Green Bottle fly) landed just a little off to the side. I quickly pulled out my camera and started to take some shots. All the while it wasn’t even moving. I kept creeping closer and closer and still it didn’t move an inch. I snapped off a bunch of shots trying to get as much detail in the eye as I could. It wasn’t until I was able to see the pictures on the big screen that I realized why it remained so still. It was busy eating. This is what I was talking about, invisible to the naked eye, it had its mouth extended and was holding onto a crystal of what I assume to be sugar. How cool is that?!

Fly Eating Sugar

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