Monkey Business

Monkey at Taj

This is the second shot of mine at the Taj Mahal that is a favorite of mine. Primarily because it’s not the typical Taj shots, although I do have those as well. For this shot, we had made our way past the reflecting pool and gardens and had taken a look at the mosques flanking the main building and were getting ready to head up to the Mausoleum when this string of roughly 10 monkeys (some with babies hanging on) came running across this railing. I was luckily in the right position to get a head on shot and snapped a couple of photos.

This is definitely one of the things about India that I still haven’t gotten used to. So many places you go, there are monkeys around and they don’t even blink at all the people nearby. In fact, they seem to thrive because of it. Anyways, I chose this picture because of the angle this particular monkey was leaning at as well as the fact it appears to be looking right at me. I also think the woman in the red sari on the right adds a great exotic element (at least to me, those who see or wear them everyday, not so much).

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