Sunrise in the Grass

This shot was taken in Hyde Park in London. I left the house relatively early in the morning and this particular morning was quite chilly. As I walked along the paths my breath was visible in the air and the layer of frost on the ground hadn’t started to melt just yet. The park is quite large so I started towards the Serpentine Pond where I knew there would likely be many birds getting ready for the day. After some time, I followed the path along the Serpentine and took a little offshoot that brought me up to an open field filled with tall grass. The sun had started to reach the field and in some of the areas, the frost was starting to melt while those areas still in the shade had remained frozen. I ventured off the path into the grass to see if I could find some late season insects.

I didn’t find any insects but instead I saw bunches of the grass bent over in nice graceful arcs. I liked the lines that were being created by the criss-crossed stalks, so I decided to take some shots to attempt to capture what I was seeing. I wish I could say that I had this one planned out all along but the truth of it is, I saw this during post and felt that this was the strongest part of the image.

What drew me to this photo was how the sun was being refracted by what I believe must’ve been a drop of frost that had recently melted. To me it looks like the sun itself and I think it works well with the nice calm yellows and greens all around it.
Tall Grass

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