Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket

With it being summertime, I often have the window in my apartment cracked open. Being on the 14th floor (OK, really the 13th. NYC is apparently a superstitious place and there are very few floors labeled 13) I didn’t really expect much to be able to fly up that high but there are often many things that get in.

This weekend, a yellow jacket managed to find its way in and was clumsily flying near the window. There seemed to be something wrong with it because its wings would be flapping but it wasn’t leaving the ground. But at other times it was able to fly. I figured it was probably near the end of its life.

Since there really wasn’t anything I could do for it, I decided to take the opportunity to take some shots. It didn’t seem to like having a giant lens stuck in its face and kept turning around but I did manage to get a couple of good shots. Here is my favorite of the bunch.

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